We are nearing the end of the development cycle meant to bring our product to feature parity with what's out there currently on the market. We have over a dozen early adopters operating at both retail and wholesale level, some of which have been with us for over a decade.

We would like to make a massive push to the market and scale up. But we lack marketing experience and reach outside of Michigan and surrounding states.

When looking to match deep interest with deep pockets we believe either an established industry player or a prominent payment processor would fit the bill.

An established industry player would gain the opportunity to transition to a pure, web based, SaaS model without having to start from scratch. Migrating legacy desktop WinForms code to the web is an enormous undertaking. The code base, the skill set and the underlying paradigm are completely different. We present an opportunity to do so at a significantly lower cost. All that would be left to do is adapt or enhance some of the features to match the desktop counterpart. This is very much akin to the migration Microsoft's Office suite had to undertake when it morphed into Office 365.

Keep in mind that due to the sandbox nature of Fluid (Rubber Baron) any industry would be well served by this software given, at most, a modicum of tailoring.

A prominent payment processor would be able to duplicate the successful strategy of combining payments with a turnkey POS system similar to what Bank Of America is doing with their Merchant Services or Square's with their general purpose point of sale.

We are open to either a series B style funding round or an outright acquisition.

If interested please contact us at

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